Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Got My Own Camera Now!! :D

I am writing this post after a long time.Recently I got my own camera from Amazon.So I think it is better to speak about it before I restart my blogging life.

It is a sony cybershot camera DSC-S2000 model.There was an offer in amazon and i bought it for 59£.
It has 10.1 mega pixels with 3x optical zoom lens with other common functionalities like Face Detection, Intelligent Auto, Smile Shutter etc.

But this camera lack inbuilt memory capacity because the inbuilt memory is 6MB and probably can store maximum 2 or 3 photos. So i also brought external memory card to fix the issue. Another issue that i have found was the battery life of the camera depreciated very quickly. I think this was due to Intelligent Auto mode because in this mode sometimes automatically flash will be activated. So at the end i swished off flash which solve the issue. So I hope to add photos frequently to my blog from now onwards.
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